Step-father Cheats Wife And Impregnates Step-daughter


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This adult film story opens with a hot teen girl named Nancy (porn star Elena Koshkade), she is only 18 years old, sitting in her toilet. Peeing for a pregnancy test after having had sex with her step-father Frank (porn actor Steve Holmes). As a result, the young woman is panicked when she finds that the pregnancy test was positive.


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That same day Elena Koshkade tries to tell her mother Kate (porn actress Sarah Vandella). That her step-father and she had sex. But your mother is more interested in telling your day. So after a while the hot teenager finally can talk to her mother. On hearing of her husband cheats with her daughter, Sarah Vandella explodes in fury, calling her young daughter a whore. When Steve Holmes comes home he hears the discussion and joins them. In the same way the wife screams at her infidel husband.


Quickly Steve Holmes takes her into the bedroom. Where he has a long conversation with his hot wife. At first, the male with his deceitful lips, turns around to the housewife who forgives the bastard. That however, has hardcore sex on the bed very intensely. soon after, of the hot sex with his blonde wife, and still underwear. The mature playboy turns to his stepchild’s bedroom to apologize to him as well.


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Similarly, the rascal step-father can be forgiven for his sexy and naughty adoptive daughter. Immediately, Steve Holmes licks the pussy of his adopted daughter, who moans horny. Upon realizing this, the dominant male penetrates deep, making a sex very gostoso.


Towards the end, the stepfather have a strong cumshot on top of his step-daughter. Soon after and still spurring cumshot, enters his blonde wife Sarah Vandella that catches them right there. In short, his wife divorces this sexual pervert, and her beautiful adopted daughter tells of being pregnant with her stepfather. Finishing this complete pornographic scene with the perverted man whining.


Casting porn movie:

  • Sarah Vandella
  • Elena Koshka
  • Steve Holmes


Step-father Cheats Wife And Impregnates Step-daughter

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Date: January 28, 2019