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When it comes to the Hungarian porn star new Aletta Ocean 2019 it seems like the world stops. Just to watch your porn movies HD. This beautiful blue-eyed brunette born in December 14, 1987 in Budapest is one of the best porn actresses in the world. Being a dream woman, Alleta could well have been in one of the new Playboy videos, and be one of the playmates.

She started her modeling career in 2006, by winning the Miss Hungary and Miss Tourism as well.

Telling that, Aleta Ocean 2019 that same year that won these contests, she was an economics student. Fortunately, she did not get into that area of ​​work.

Even starting her pornographic career the following year in 2007, much through, her boyfriend at the time.

Being a model in Hungary, she took her first steps in the adult world in Europe, becoming known as “Aletta Alien”. AlettaOcean2019 worked for Private during her journey as a porn actress in Europe.

And did not take long to get the attention of the USA, including to immigrate to “the land of Uncle Sam”.

Because the big adult content producers like Digital Playground and New Sensations including many others are there, they started hiring her to star in her films.

In this way, it began to become very famous in this industry, billing millions of dollars every year.

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Aletta x is currently 31 years old and still many movies to do, to the happiness of the most fussy fans. According to a research done on Aletta Ocean latest 2019 curiosities, she says likes anal penetration when she’s not filming.

She seems to be nervous when recording these sexual practices. But says that throughout the filming she relaxes and everything goes well.

However, she also points out that anal sex combined with vaginal penetration (Double Penetration). Is a great way to achieve orgasm quickly.

Now that I’ve talked a bit about who Aletta Ocean2019 is, let’s focus on the full movie. Where this blue-eyed hottie comes in.

Consequently, in this video, Aletta Ocean new 2019 did not disappoint her fans who like to masturbate watching her. In this long HD video porn, this horny bitch plays the role of a boss.

Who is in his mansion waiting for his employee, for an urgent meeting. It was then that the doorbell rang. She went to the door and opened it, AlettaOcean 2019 accompanied the man to the meeting table.

Where they sat down and began to talk about the company’s business.

Of note, that this woman has a very own and intense way of seducing a male. She uses her beautiful eyes, as well as her mouth and her words to seduce this poor man. In this way, the conversation begins to warm up, and the mistress rises toward him.

The bitch gives him a light blow to the face, and forces him to kneel down. To begin to lick her pussy with her on her feet.

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The submissive male climbs the woman’s skirt, and pulls the black lace underwear to the side. This way it sucks all over her vagina, leaving her to moan with pleasure.

However, the boss bossy pushed his submissive employee’s head against her vagina. Forcing him to suck her pussy for a long time.

Even this dominator ended up achieving several orgasms, only during oral sex.

Still during foreplay. The guy pulls the top of the black dress down, uncovering the largest breasts you will see today…

That said, this Hungarian brunette has big breasts. Of to make jealous for any woman who liked to increase the breasts. So, the boy begins to suck on her nipples.

As is well known, women with breast implants have less sensitivity in this area. But it is not the case of this horny bitch, she rolls her eyes of so horny is feeling.

The male liked so much the taste, of the Aletta Ocean 2019 xxx pussy. That he knelt down to suck again her whole vagina, to the boss’s delirium.

Soon after, the nympho was ready to move on to more serious matters. So she dragged him into the living room.

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Where the bitch leans over the couch, and so the male climbs up the Hungarian woman dress. Pulling off her lacy black panties, licking her whole anus and pussy.

This time from behind with her ass bent. The female was already begging for a penis, and she even said “fuck me”. The rascal boy quickly rushes to lower his pants.

With one hand grasps his big cock, and penetrates deep into her pussy.

Above all, the bastard fucked her from behind, leaving the big tits swinging like church bells ringing. At some point, the fornicator of bossy women stops fucking. And the Hungarian hot girl takes him to the sofa. But this time taking control of the situation.

He lies down and she starts to suck his cock, with great satisfaction. Seeming to be to thank him for all the pleasure, he is giving her. While she is making a blowjob alternating with jerk off, she seduces the man.

Looking him in the eyes, in front of it, the playboy tells her curse words. Saying everything he thinks of his boss.

This leaves the woman even more horny. Continuing to suck hard on his thick cock, but this time sucking deeper. Because, this porn star has a deep throat capable of swallowing a big cock, to the male’s delight.

The Hungarian hot woman had been sucking for an extended period of time. It seemed that she was addicted to the penis of the lucky man.

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Since everything in life has an end. Aletta Ocean milf finally stopped sucking, and sent his submissive to remove her shoes.

Immediately, she sits on top of him, with her back to the guy, holding his cock with one hand. Aletta Alien puts the whole piece of meat inside her ass, because she wants the best anal sex possible.

Aletta Ocean x began riding slowly, until it started jumping fast and strongly in the bastard’s dick. Much derived to his anus being well lubricated.

By means of the above, the male puts that milf aside and fucks her in that position. Already preparing her to take with a strong cum of the male.

Until he reaches a point with no possible return. He cum on load strongily on top of the blue-eyed brunette’s vagina. Therefore, this brunette slut felt sexually fulfilled, giving a naughty grin at the end of the fuck.

In short, this Aletta Ocean full movie portrays well when a woman is on fire in her pussy. Needing to fuck urgently, there are no limits, even if that option is the employee.

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And then, you liked this full HD movie of this busty hot Hungarian woman?


Date: January 18, 2019
Actors: aletta ocean