Hot chubby girl fucks wild for sexual revenge


If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to taste the bitter taste of revenge today you’re going to meet Xiomara Soto, a hot chubby girl, who has wild revenge sex.

And how do you think Xiomara came to make this decision? You may ask yourself. Well, as this vicious Colombian woman tells us, her husband (now ex) never knew how to fuck her the way she wanted.

The resentment towards her ex is so great that she doesn’t hesitate for a moment to bring her lover into the house and he keeps paying. She will personally see to it that Carlos gets a detailed look at each and every position she takes with her lover.

After recording the message, the action begins. That’s when our chubby girl starts to warm up her lover until she gets her dick really hard. Xiomara Soto takes very little time to put her whole dick in her mouth and give her all the pleasure her husband never wanted to enjoy.

Hot chubby girl

They decide to fuck in the bathtub. This way they can have more space to practice all the positions that this hot chubby girl has to give to her ex-husband. They fuck in various positions, which one is the most exciting. Xiomara can’t help but make a face of desire with every penetration of his friend. She also can’t stop sending messages of revenge to Carlos between moans.

It’s time for, as she calls it, the cherry on the cake. She starts masturbating his complacent friend while texting Carlos. She just waits anxiously for her milk to cover her big breasts and see if her ex-husband decides to pay more attention to her next time.

Hot chubby girl fucks wild for sexual revenge
Xiomara Soto fucking inside the bathtub
Date: February 13, 2020
Actors: Xiomara Soto