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The incestuous scene takes place in a small affluent upper-class family. Beginning this cinematic porn scene with father Tim, played by porn star Tommy Pistol. Then by his stepdaughter Chloe represented by the porn actress Kimber Woods. His mother Erica Lauren does not dream that her dominant husband is fucking his hot daughter.


And so she remains naive, unaware of anything. So Kimber Woods’s stepfather after fucking his sweet pussy so often. He decides it’s time for the stepdaughter to give her ass to fuck him. Counting that the teen immediately agreed to give her ass to him. She was even a little apprehensive because she was still have a pure virgin ass and tight ass.


Knowing this, the dominant stepfather goes out to buy an anal plug, to stretch his daughter’s butt. She then places the anal plug in her asshole with some difficulty. Now she comes down from her room to go to lunch with her stepfather and her naive mother. To which during dinner the perverted father puts his hand on the girl’s pussy under the table. Even under the nose of Kimber Woods’ wife and mother, who does not realize anything.


Stepdad and stepdaughter


Meanwhile, Chloe’s dad, already horny, asks his wife to go get her favorite tart. To which Erica Lauren accedes to the request of her infidel husband. Leaving her stepfather and stepdaughter completely alone at home. Immediately Tommy Pistol begins to lick the teen´s butt and play with the anal plug.


As a result, Tim removes the plug butt and penetrates his cock deep into her beloved daughter’s ass. What a delirium and moan of horniness for not being more a virgin of the ass. And this is still leave more horny for Daddy to fuck. Soon after, the dominant stepfather cumshots in the face and mouth of the hot stepdaughter.


They dress hurriedly, so they will not get caught by Mom. In the meantime, the wife comes to own the house and almost picks them up. Not realizing that her sweet daughter was full of cum running down her face. In short, this stepfather daddy took advantage of his wife’s naivety to fuck his beautiful daughter.


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  • Erica Lauren
  • Kimber woods
  • Tommy Pistol

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Date: January 27, 2019