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Now explaining a little bit about this family sex hardcore scene in which Rachel, an 18-year-old girl starring porn star Ashley Adams, lives with her stepfather Steve Holmes. Rachel is a virgin girl of pussy and ass, who is forced by her perverted stepdad to remain a virgin. Even the stepdad father checks every night in her bed if she is still a virgin. Who kindly asks her to open your legs. To which she responds “you must check my femininity my father” the naughty dad penetrates a finger in the pussy of the daughter, in order to verify if it is still virgin.


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The girl’s father does this, because he wants to be the one to take the virginity out of her daughter’s pussy one day later. However one day Rachel met a boy from the school named Logan Pierce who would become her boyfriend. The young guy invites his girlfriend to come to his house. As a result, the 18-year-old girl loses her virginity in her vagina that is impregnated with semen of her boyfriend’s cock. Continuing only with the virginity of his untouchable ass. Rachel gets scared, when her father goes to check on her vaginal virginity.


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Furious, he lowers her pants and says, “Now that you’re spoiled, I will not wait any longer.” With her steep ass of four, she says, “Come, Daddy, come and take what’s rightfully yours.” Penetrating his big dick in the hot ass of his daughter, who moans horny. Giving the best fuck ever in a hardcore incest sex. Therefore, this daddy gives a huge cums load in the butt of his stepdaughter.


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  • Ashley Adams
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  • Logan Pierce


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Date: January 22, 2019