Teacher Eva Long teaches her student to fuck


Let’s face it, John was never what you would call a model student. After several attempts to pass his course, he has today a meeting with Teacher Eva Long that will be decisive in his academic future.

It’s late and all the students have gone home. This time John will not go to his own home, but to that of his teacher. Eva Long called him there to give him some private lessons to help him face the final exam. However, John goes with other intentions, fuck her to get the much desired pass.

Teacher Eva Long

From the very first moment, we can see that the teacher is very hot. Because with a woman like a teacher, who wouldn’t want to fuck her?
Throughout the class the horny boy is distracted. On some occasions, he makes a move, trying a shameless approach to his teacher. He tries to get her very excited. However, she knows what the student’s intentions are.

Far from stopping him, Eva plays with him. Before John knows it, Eva has her hard cock in her mouth. If he’d known his teacher was sucking him so hot, he probably would have tried it from day one.

After the blow job, she’s all fucked up. Both Eva Long and John have a great time enjoying the most pleasant positions. Finally, the woman ends up with a face full of sperm. We don’t know if the student will pass the course. But what we do know is that the teacher Eva Long taught her student with a strong hard-on to fuck.

Teacher Eva Long teaches her student to fuck
Teacher Eva Long teaches her student to fuck
Date: April 21, 2020
Actors: Eva Long