Newly married blonde fucks a waiter at her wedding


See how this newly married blonde bitch cheats on her husband at her own wedding with a waiter. That hottie is Angel Piaff, what a woman, my God!

How beautiful a wedding usually is! With your guests, your music, that banquet where everyone has a lot of fun. But it seems that the wedding of our next video is missing someone very important. It’s true, the bride is not at the wedding for the celebration. She disappeared with the excuse of going looking for something, but the reality is a little different. This newly married blonde was found in the laundry room with one of the waiters at her own wedding. Imagine doing what? Fucking, right? because, she was so crazy horny!

Angel Piaff blowjob

Right after saying “yes”, this very beautiful blonde named Angel Piaff is about to commit her first infidelity. After making sure no one has seen them, the newly married blonde starts giving the young waiter a nice blowjob. He doesn’t know how he got into this, but he decides to relax and enjoy the situation. For it’s not every day he gets a hot married woman sucking his dick.

The waiter puts the bride on all fours, leaning on a washing machine and starts to penetrate her very hard from behind. They have to be very careful that nobody hears them, but she can’t stop moaning like a goat. While her husband entertains the guests, she gets a good dose of cock.

Without even taking off her wedding dress she decides to start riding her lover’s fat dick a bit. What a sexy way to move that blonde. Angel Piaff is so excited that she doesn’t think she can take much more time without orgasm.

Finally, after fucking for a while in several different positions, it’s time to end the betrayal. The absence of the protagonist of the evening makes everyone very suspicious. That’s why the girl starts masturbating to the waiter until he’s finished cumming in the delicate hand of the newly married bitch. Long live the bride and groom!

Newly married blonde fucks a waiter at her wedding
Angel Piaff anal sex
Date: March 7, 2020
Actors: angel piaff