Foot fetishist receives pleasurable sexual treatment


If you’re a foot fetishist, you’re gonna love this video. In it, porn actress Vanna Bardot pleases her man, a true foot lover. It’s St. Patrick’s Day, a party where green and beer have a place of honor. But what about sex? For John and his girlfriend Vanna this always has a place of honor. For they are true lovers of sexual pleasure and, in particular, foot fetishism.

The girl wants to surprise her boyfriend when he gets home from work. To do so, she wears her best sexy St. Patrick’s clothes. Once the video starts, we can witness how rich Vanna Bardot is. She’s completely naked in front of the mirror, so she can make any man very excited.

When John arrives, it doesn’t take her long to start flirting with him on the couch. She knows John’s weakness: his feet. That’s why she doesn’t hesitate for a second to use this technique to make him very excited.

Vanna starts rubbing John’s dick with her feet. This makes the man start to get excited and eventually sucks them. It also makes the girl very hot and she’s willing to go all the way on this incredible date.

Foot fetishist

It won’t be long before the video’s protagonists’ clothes disappear. Vanna Bardot gives her man a nice foot masturbation and he is completely looking forward to the next phase. The couple ends up fucking on the couch in countless positions, all of them very pleasant. It seems both members of the relationship are having a great time.

After a really amazing sexual encounter, John ejaculates all the sperm on the girl’s feet. She, on the other hand, seems completely delighted to have squeezed every last drop of her beloved boyfriend’s semen. Overall, this foot fetishist has once again satisfied his desire for feet.

Foot fetishist receives pleasurable sexual treatment
porn actress Vanna Bardot gives a foot masturbation to your stepdad
Date: April 1, 2020
Actors: Vanna Bardot