Blonde doll comes to life to fuck her husband


Blonde doll comes to life and kills the man’s wife so she can fuck him without being disturbed. This doll is the porn star and MILF Nicolette Shea with huge tits.

We think this wonderful porno movie you’ll love and in which the protagonist is the blonde with huge tits Nicolette Shea. Have we gotten your attention yet? The film is about a couple who lead a simple but boring life and one day someone offered them a very hot blonde doll who looks like a real woman. This way the doll was lying in bed, the wife didn’t like it much, but she didn’t say anything.

MILF Nicolette Shea

The next day the woman went to the fridge and came across the blonde doll face to face, apparently she was alive. Soon after the doll killed the woman so that she could have sex with her husband, without the bitch bothering them. As soon as she killed her, she hid the body in a room of the house and went straight to the man. To give her a lot of pleasure with her mouth and her big pussy. The husband did not miss his wife, because this doll was 10 times better than his old wife.

Blonde doll comes to life to fuck her husband
MILF Nicolette Shea with huge tits giving on all fours to the male
Date: January 28, 2020