Beautiful Lana Rhoades have a hot fuck with her boss


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For some time now, beautiful Lana Rhoades has been working as a personal assistant to a famous French producer named Raul. As she says, the man has a great reputation in Hollywood, and being able to work with him is a luxury. Besides, the man has always been very respectful, making Lana feel really comfortable in her position.

Today Raul is far from home, leaving Lana Rhoades alone. Although she has some work to do, she can’t stand the heat. That’s why she goes out into the pool and gets completely naked, showing us how tremendously sexy she is.

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Beautiful Lana Rhoades throws herself in the water and enjoys a refreshing bath. But before she decides to go out and keep working Raul bursts into the water. However, far from being angry with his hot blue-eyed maid, he decides to undress and play in the pool completely naked too. It was quite predictable that the boss and the maid would end up getting involved with each other. Being totally naked, they both get so excited that they are forced to enter the house to continue what they started before.

Immediately the sensual woman starts sucking the boss’s dick with a lot of sensualism and keeps looking into his eyes. Something that, considering how beautiful this girl is, would make any man horny. After that the woman rides on Raul’s cock, giving a hot fuck with a lot of sensualism, as is characteristic of this brunette with blue eyes. So this couple end up enjoying a unique experience.

Counting that, man after having fucked in different positions, cums inside his employee’s semen-swallowing pussy. Who can’t deny that she lived one of the most enjoyable nights of her life.

Beautiful Lana Rhoades have a hot fuck with her boss
beautiful Lana Rhoades with her stunning blue eyes

Lana Rhoades has sex with her boss – Vixen

Date: February 29, 2020
Actors: lana rhoades